About Us
Founder’s Note
Vinita Mathur holds a Masters degree in Sociology. She later studied counseling at St. Xaviers College in Mumbai. This was followed by a Certificate in Counseling from the Counseling and Care Centre, Singapore, under the tutelage of the widely respected Anthony Yeo. She also studied extensively in the field of Aromatherapy and holds a diploma in Aromatherapy from Canada.

Her counseling experience in Singapore gave her the opportunity to gain insight into the difficulties experienced by families and individuals. She found herself realizing that, apart from genetics and other factors, self neglect and not making the right lifestyle and nutrition choices aggravated health problems. Her stay of a few years in Singapore gave her widespread exposure to health stores there which offered specialized products. Mrs. Mathur also worked for the Singapore Council Of Social Service in the field of employment of people with special challenges.

On her return to India she launched The Health Shop, located in a prime area of Mumbai. The company was incorporated in 1991, but The Health Shop opened its doors to a health conscious clientele in 1992. It took four nutritionists, almost a year of planning, hard work and sourcing to come up with the products. The initial concept included herbs, ayurvedic medicines , natural remedies and indigenous health foods, most of which are still part of the shop’s range. Since then, The Health Shop has come a long way. We have modified and increased our repertoire to keep pace with emerging demands ( such as gluten free products ) and also keeping abreast of research in the field of nutrition. Growing awareness and education have led to a huge increase in our clientele and our customer base has swelled over the years.

Our philosophy is to spread the message of a healthier lifestyle by guiding and providing people of all ages with health foods and better dietary practices to adopt. With our belief in the holistic way of living – the integrated approach to healing mind, body and soul – we also encourage natural supplementation, herbal cosmetics, health
related books and acupressure products.