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Organic Products
The Health shop stocks an extensive range of certified organic products including various flours like bajra, jowar, ragi and whole wheat. There is a vast range of organic pulses and spices, sulphurless sugar, jaggery powder, dried figs, apricots, flaxseed powder, flaxseed oil. We also stock a variety of organic children's cereals, herbal teas and cold pressed oils.

Herbal Cosmetics
The concept of beauty and cosmetics is as ancient as mankind and civilization. Humans have used herbs, leaves and the juices of plants since time immemorial to enhance and preserve their good looks. Herbal creams, oils, gels, shampoos etc. have a growing demand worldwide as they are safe and effective.

A similar field is aromatherapy which harnesses the amazing power of plants to benefit our health and appearance. Soaps, face packs, massage oils and other cosmetics are very popular.

Gluten Free Products:
Biscuits, chaklis, snacks, dalia, flours (attas), idli dosa mix, maida, porridge, sooji (semolina), quinoa, buckwheat flour, protein flour, green gram flour, kaniwa, amaranth (rajgira) & many more...

Infant Foods:
Organic baby foods & more...

Sports Nutrition:
Whey protein, soya protein, bars, soya milk & more...

Women's Special:
Womens well-being, women's whey, shatavri , evenig primrose oil capsules, hair skin nails vitamin, essential vitamins during menopause, pms & more...

Antioxidants, acidophilus, brewers yeast, cal mag zinc, coQ10, cranberry extract, green coffeebean extract, green tea supplements, grapeseed extract capsules, vitamin D3, flaxseed oil capsules, green food supplements, hair vitamins, liver kidney care, melatonin, moringa, omega 3.6.9., prostate care, spirulina, wheatgrass, & many more...

List Of Other Products:
Alfalfa seeds, cold pressed cooking oils, dates, dry fruits, flaxseed powder, flaxseed oil, honeys, jaggery, oats, red rice, brown rice, red rice poha, brown rice poha, oats poha, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, germinated oatmeal, germinated wheat bran, oat bran, therapeutic juices, herbal pain ointments & many more...

A Few Of Our Popular Snacks:

Our products are not intended to diagonse, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If pregnant, nursing or taking any other medications, please consult your doctor.

In event of any adverse reaction, discontinue use and consult a physician immediately.

Liability limited to replacement of product only.